The big day is approaching and you are now finalizing the last details: planning of the day, decoration, etc.But have you thought of that special moment: the time to prepare yourself. This little bubble of serenity just before the big whirlwind of this crazy day that awaits you.

No big preparations for that moment except (maybe) a little alarm, so as not to risk arriving late to your wedding. There are nevertheless some details not to be neglected, especially if you asked your photographer to immortalize those moments.

Here is a small list of things to think about when you prepare.


The place

Preparing for your Wedding D-Day

If possible, reserve a room dedicated to your preparation. This is really important because you will be able to dress quietly, away from the bustle that will surely reign all around you.

Make sure that the place is not too crowded, that you can walk around (and breathe) easily.

Also make sure that the place is bright: important for your photographer. And also for you because natural light avoids many unpleasant surprises.

Preparing for your Wedding D-Day

Gather everything you need (clothing, accessories, makeup, mirror, etc.). This will prevent you from making unnecessary round trips or sending your sister to look for the perfume that is at the bottom of your suitcase in the this small makeup bag you bought the other day.


Your outfit

Preparing for your Wedding D-Day

Pretty and especially practical. A nice outfit that counts, especially if your photographer is present. Practical, it is absolutely essential: you will have to remove your clothes to (finally) put on your dress.

Avoid pants and socks that mark legs and ankles (especially if you have a short dress), forget t-shirts and sweaters too narrow at the collar (hair catastrophe assured, especially since in principle. Also think about the shoes: say goodbye to sandals or sneakers, or any too tight shoes that may mark your feet. Flip-flops or ballerinas, at this moment are your best allies.

Instead, choose loose-fitting dresses, kimonos (which are always very flattering on photos), tank tops and shirts or vests. When it’s cold, why not wearing the perfect combo: short + tights.

Also let the people who are preparing with you know so they can plan a nice outfit if you make some pictures.


A few tips

Preparing for your Wedding D-Day

Surround yourself with a maximum of 2 or 3 people during your preparation. Ask not to be disturbed to be quiet by putting a Do Not Disturb Door Hanger.

Leave your phone to someone who can handle calls and messages for you.

Eat! The day will be long and full of emotions, take strength.

Go to the bathroom before putting on your dress (yes, it matters!).

Breath, release the pressure and smile, that’s it, you’re there. The organization, the checklists, the arguments about the decor are behind you. You no longer have any reason to stress, you are beautiful and everything will go very well.


Small details

Preparing for your Wedding D-Day

Consider tidying the room where you are preparing (make the bed, clean the shelves, …), if your photographer has to take pictures it is these small details that change everything.

Prepare the objects to be photographed (according to your wishes): the alliances and their case, your announcement, the bouquet, your shoes, etc.

Preparing for your Wedding D-Day

If you have a small gift to offer to your bridesmaids or your witnesses, it’s time, the photographer will be able to immortalize this great moment. Make it even more yourself with Personalized tags to tie around your gifts.

Preparing for your Wedding D-Day

And you, what have you chosen for your wedding? Do not hesitate to let us share your ideas and opinions and to exchange in the comments section.


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