Flowers are a must for any wedding decoration. They accompany you throughout this great day, from the ceremony to the banquet hall, not to mention the one that never leaves you: the bridal bouquet.
And then these flowers, and especially your bouquet, will accompany you throughout your life, immortalized on all your wedding photos.
We will help you to see more clearly on what you will need to think about for your wedding and have a Successful Wedding Flower Decoration.

What budget?

10 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Flower Decoration
It is certain that a beautiful decoration has a price, and not everyone has the same budget. It is important to define it beforehand. And with your budget, we will together optimize your decoration.

What to decorate?

The priority must go to the bridal bouquet. Obviously you will be the most beautiful this day, and all eyes will be turned towards you.
Then comes the decoration of the tables of your reception room. Your table in priority as it will be photographed all evening then those of the guests. They will spend a great part of the evening there, and a table with no decoration is sad, isn’t it?
And your car? A procession with the bride’s car that is not decorated is not a real procession.

Tips :
So here are the first tips for small budgets. Ask your florist to design your car bouquet in such a way that it can be reused on your table in the reception room.
Of course the rest is not to be neglected but this is a matter of budget.


Choose your florist

10 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Flower Decoration
We are the best… They will all tell you this! Test the florist with whom you are thinking of working. If you have known him for a long time, talk to him and present him your project. It is up to him to give you an estimate and quote. Give him the desire to surpass himself and bring photos. Here are the questions to ask you about your florist. The answers should suit you, before you decide to hand your decoration to him.

  • Does he have a history of solid experience?
  • Are there always customers in his shop thus ensuring a good rotation of the flowers?
  • Is it still well stocked?
  • Have you personally tested the freshness of its products?
  • Are not prices excessive?
  • Is the team working there stable?
  • Does the atmosphere look good?
  • Is there enough staff to handle multiple D-Day commands without running the job?
  • What do social networks say (Facebook for example)?
  • Does it make many wedding?
  • Does he have a serious wedding book?
  • Is this book personal?
  • Does it clearly show its rates?
  • Did the florist take the time to listen to you?
  • Does it offer you an estimate or is it necessary to insist on it?

Tips :

There is only one D-Day: it’s yours! The florist will not have the right to make mistakes. It is up to you to make your opinion about his skills and his seriousness.

Mix the flowers

You like peonies and orchids. Certainly these flowers are exceptional, but doing all the wedding decoration that with these beautiful flowers will dramatically increase your budget. To obtain a perfect result while reducing the invoice, we advise you to mix different varieties.

Do It Yourself

You have the artistic flair, you feel able to make your own floral wedding decoration. Your budget does not allow you to hire a florist. Get started! There, I address myself exclusively to the future bride. Of course you will not be able to take care of all floral decoration yourself. This is not reasonable. You will have a lot to do the day before as well as on your wedding day. And it takes between 2 and 8 hours to make these compositions for someone experienced with a suitable workshop. But hand this task to your girlfriend who has the floral hand!


The dates to avoid

The florists buy the flowers according to a dial system. That is to say that the price of flowers (as well as that of fruits and vegetables that have their own market) varies every day depending on supply and demand. I’ll let you imagine what it’s like the day before Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. It’s madness on the markets and prices increase! In addition, florists are overloaded on these dates. If your date coincides with a special day where florists work a lot you will have some precautions to take:

  • Choose a craftsman who has a team of several qualified florists. Otherwise, he will not be able to follow and honor the order correctly for your wedding. It is a manual work that is prepared very little in advance.
  • Adjust the details. It will not be easy, the D-Day to ask him for an additional composition for a table that you would have forgotten.
  • And unfortunately, you will experience an increase in the price of flowers


Flowers to avoid

10 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Flower Decoration

Flowers with pistils

They may stain your dress. For the lilies, your florist will take care to remove the pistils before giving you your bouquets and compositions. But beware of buds that could open during the day!

Yellow flowers

Your bouquet would symbolize infidelity! But not only! Yellow is also the symbol of the sun, the renewal. So don’t banish it completely, but ask your florist to use it sparingly (generally, no need to tell him if he knows his trade).

And you, what have you chosen for your wedding? Do not hesitate to share your ideas and opinions in the comments section.


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