The tradition is that the bride is wearing something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue on her wedding day to ensure happiness for the newlyweds.

But why?

Why are these four elements so important in the tradition of wedding?

Something old

It is the element that symbolizes the bride’s belonging to the life of before. One opts mostly for an old jewel, but some brides also confess to choose an old blue panties for the 2-in-1 side of the object!

Something new

Something new, this reflects success in the new life of the couple, a new history of life that the newlyweds will write together. The new object is very often represented by the beautiful wedding dress since the queen of the day wants to be beautiful by wearing a dress she will have chosen according to her tastes. But novelty can also be characterized by any object.

Something borrowed

The bride will also have to wear something borrowed by a person who is very happy in marriage so that the couple can also know this happiness. This can be gloves, earrings or even petticoat and other accessories belonging to a friend who has known happiness since her wedding.

Something blue

The touch of blue characterizes in all simplicity purity and fidelity in marriage.
Don’t worry, it’s very simple to add something blue and even if your theme, decor or bouquet have no relation with this color, you can drag a discrete element on D-Day. Fidelity and purity can be symbolized simply by a blue ribbon around the dress or really by blue clothes. The Blue Ribbon Garter is also used to remain discreet while respecting tradition. If you have no idea of what to choose, just take inspiration!

And you, what have you chosen for your wedding? Do not hesitate share your ideas and in the comments section.


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