The exchange of vows is one of the strongest moments of a ceremony, but it is also a moment that many future brides fear. So to not lose control and reassure you, here are 7 ideas to help you write your wedding vows.
Inspire your story
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Remind yourself the simplest details of everyday life. Why not write down in a notebook all these things that you like, that move you, that let you know that he or she will share the rest of your life? These notes will help you make your wishes more meaningful when the time comes. And this is something you can keep over the years, so why not plunge yourself into moments of doubt or tenderness.
Write a personal text

If you are rather shy, nothing forces you to embark on a passionate statement in front of all your guests. And if on the contrary you are of the enthusiastic kind, there also, do not hesitate to let your personality appear in your wedding vows. Write a personal text that will resemble you and your story.

Rely on existing texts

If your vows are to remain personal, and reflect your personality, nothing prevents you from relying on poems, texts, and other quotations. Without drowning your text of literary references, do not hesitate to use these as a base to build your vows if this can help.

For example, you can ask married couples around you for advice or ideas about living together so this may be able to guide you in writing your own wishes.


Once your text has been written, do not hesitate to repeat it. Without necessarily knowing it by heart, you will be reassured, and will be less anxious to tell your guests. And do not hesitate to keep with you when the time comes, a paper version of your vows, noted for example in a nice notebook.

Be on the same wavelength

To be sure to be on the same wavelength when you share your vows, do not hesitate to talk about your texts with your spouse beforehand. Length of text, style, tone, anecdotes, you will be certain to be on the same page on D-Day, and not having two texts, or two different approaches that would put you uncomfortable.


Do not hold your emotions

Your commitment, people coming to share your day, your half, may be you will be overcome by emotion. Do not hold it back, and let yourself be carried away by this incredible moment.

Keep this memory

Do not hesitate to keep your texts in a nice box that would gather some of your precious memories of this day … You could also create a custom sign with your vows and your half’s ones. Seeing it everyday in your home will make your heart melt every time!


Finally, and as with every element of a wedding, there is once again nothing fixed or compulsory. You might very well choose not to declare your wishes publicly, and symbolize this moment by an exchange of your written wishes, in the form of a letter, for example. Or read them alone before the ceremony. And you could also choose to write your wedding vows together, and read identical texts.The key is to share a moment that resembles you.

Some questions to help you write your wedding vows
  • How did you meet each other?
  • When did you know you were made to share this adventure?
  • What values ​​do you share?
  • What makes him/her unique?
  • What strong or personal events made you closer?
  • How do you envisage your life together, your future?
  • What everyday details make you love him/her even more?
  • What are the pillars of your relationship?
  • What promises can you make to him/her?

And you, what have you chosen for your wedding? Do not hesitate to share your ideas and opinions and to exchange in the comments section.


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